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Why Powder Coating?

The application of high performance coatings in powder form is the finishing method of the future. And the process is quite simple.

Dry powder is fed into a spray gun where it is electrostatically charged. The parts to be coated are electrically grounded so that the charged particles are attracted to them and held there until melted and cured into a continuous, durable finish in the baking oven. The powder used in the process is specially selected to meet each customer's unique requirements.

Powder Coating Offers:

  • Superior quality of finish
  • Higher one-pass film builds when required
  • Premium resistance to chemicals, weathering and rough handling
  • Unlimited range of colours, glosses and textures
  • Environmentally friendly technology

J.I.T. Powder Coaters is Calgary's highest quality custom metal coating facility. Located in the North East, we can provide you with all the advantages of a powder coated finish and efficient service.

When you work with J.I.T. Powder Coaters, you work with a dedicated team of engineers, technicians and sales specialists. Our experience means a quicker, more thorough understanding of your specific requirements.

J.I.T. Powder Coaters offers:

  • Quality and reliability assured by our state-of-the-art facility
  • Excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance with the only 5 stage power spray phosphate pretreatment system for custom powder coating in Calgary
  • Large parts, small parts or odd shapes? We can economically coat your product - our system is designed with versatility in mind
  • 100% usable parts with our full inspection before delivery
  • Fast turnaround of small batches, prototypes and samples with our off-line batch booth
  • Precision masking, light metal preparation, heat stripping, and special packaging in house

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